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What Makes Citra Hops So Damn Special?

When Duffy's decided to bring the world's best beer-based hair care products to the market, we knew that the Brew had to stand out. After all, beer has been used to keep hair soft and shiny for hundreds of years, at least. Our offerings had to bring something special to the table. We had to go the extra mile.

So, Duffy's Brew isn't only really really ridiculously good for your hair, beard, and\or mustache... it also smells really really ridiculously good, and contains numerous additional herbs and oils which are great for the hair and skin.

Much of that is thanks to the use of Citra Hops in our line. This remarkable hop makes for great beer AND great hair!

Citra Hops: Brewing Up The Best Beer-Based Hair Care

Citra (or Citra brand HBC 394 cv, if you wanna be technical) is a newer variety of hop, which immediately became prized in the indie brewing community for its great taste and unique citrus aroma. It was introduced in 2007, and by 2008 it had already brought in a Gold Medal in the World Beer Cup to the Widmer Brewers.

Citra has a highly tangled lineage, having been bred from a list of hops including Brewer's Gold, US Terrnang, Hallertau Mittelfruh, and EK Goldings... and several others. It was created with the sole purpose of breeding a truly unique hop suitable for aroma, flavor, or bittering, taking the best of several previous breeds.

Citra is relatively unique among hops for several reasons, and some of these contribute to its effectiveness in hair care as well:

  • High alpha acid levels: Alpha acids are what give hops the bitter hints prized in beers today. These acids also contribute to the anti-dandruff properties of beer by helping kill microbacteria on the scalp.
  • Low cohumulone content: This is a specific alpha acid that tends to decay faster than others, reducing the stable flavor-life of a beer, as well as being extra-bitter.
  • A high overall oil content: The oils in hops, which are full of antioxidants, are what make it so especially good for the hair and skin by protecting them from oxidation and the elements.
  • Very high myrcene levels: Myrcene is a pleasant-smelling essential oil, which is used in a variety of cosmetics. This further balances out the acidity, in terms of taste and smell. It's also a mild pain-killer.
  • Geraniol + Linalool = Citronellol: This is the real secret to Citra's successes. Two particular alcohols bred into Citra hops combine during brewing to create Citronellol, a sweet oil that's part of Citronella and other citrus-scented products.

The result is a hop that's high in the stuff that make for the best hops, low in what doesn't, and balances out the bitter/acidic notes with strong sweet and citrus flavors. It's complex, it's enticing, it's good for you, and it's perfect for hair care.

Oh, and it's good for beer too.

If you want to, you know, taste the Citra rather than putting in your hair, we personally recommend PseudoSue, Zombie Dust, Kern Citra, or Surly Furious.

Duffy's Brew: Using Only The Best

That's why when we say Duffy's Brew is the best hair-care on the planet, we mean it. Our beer-focused philosophies and our use of Citra Hops mean our products are great for your hair, great for your skin, and smell absolutely fantastic to boot.

Duffy's Brew gives you hair that turns heads! Why not try a bottle?

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