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  • andy-doucette.jpg
    Excellent shampoo!
    I have used this shampoo for a couple of weeks now along with the Duffy's conditioner.  Both work and smell great, leaving my hair clean, volumized and silky smooth. I used it on my beard and I even got some compliments. Whether or not you’re a beer lover you will love this beer shampoo.
  • joseph-ferraro.jpg
    After a week of exclusively using Duffy's Brew I must report that my hair is noticeably softer and easier to style. Intoxicated women are stopping me on the street just so they can smell my head. Children follow me everywhere I go chanting my name, and the mayor just have me the key to the city (and one to her apartment).
    I think you might be on to something.
  • natasha-stockem.jpg
    I simply adore Duffy's Brew shampoo and conditioner.
    I have yet to find a product that keeps my hair as clean, soft, or shiny. It's all the benefits of soaking your hair in beer minus the frat house smell. I am training to be an aerialist and that means performances where my hair is flat ironed or curled, and held in place with hairspray, gel and pomade. Duffy's Brew is the only product that I have found that gets my hair so clean after a performance. It's gentle for everyday use and smells great. There isn't a single thing that I could think to change about this product. If you are not using it you should be, and if you are using it then you have exceptional taste.

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