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Long Hair On Guys: The Few, The Proud, The Elite

There's probably no more controversial topic in men's hair than the idea of growing it long. For some, it's just too far outside the normal bounds of culture. For others (stuck in a timewarp) it's still too closely connected to the "dirty hippie" stereotype, not to mention the more modern "dirty comic book guy" stereotype.

Yet for some -this Duffy's Man included- it's a way of life that could not possibly be denied.

If you've ever dreamed of growing out those luscious man-locks, there's no better time like the present. With so many conservative 20th Century hair-styling ideals being overturned, you could finally get away with that long hair you crave.

Five Reasons To Embrace Your Long Haired Destiny

1 - Women Love It

OK, not all women, obviously - we're not misogynists here. But a lot of women (and some men) love playing with hair, and having a boyfriend\husband with lengthy tresses is a novelty many can't pass up. Not to mention a lot of association with romance novel covers, 'bishonen' anime characters, and other amorous figures of lore.

Plus, you know what? Having your hair braided just plain feels amazing, even if you comb it out before going to work. Screw the haters.

2 - You Really Stand Out

There are plenty of hairstyles and fashion choices which are only as individualistic as the millions of hipsters who adopt them. But long male hair is still out on the fringes, so to speak. Your hair will be noticed and it will become one of your defining features.

(Which is all the more reason to use an awesome and great-smelling shampoo\conditioner like Duffy's Brew!)

3 - Far More Styling Choices

There's really nothing much one can do with short hair. To some, that's the appeal. A crop-top or buzzcut requires almost no maintenance, besides trimming. However, longer hair opens up a literal world of styling choices, dying potential, and more. If you're wanting to go beyond simple ponytails and really let your freak flag fly, long hair is the key.

4 - It Demonstrates Dedication

Long luxurious locks take a long time to achieve. It's generally going to take a year or two, at least, for a man's hair to reach its full potential. And that means spending months stuck at that awkward between-ears-and-shoulders phase where you look like a refugee from 90s grunge bands.

A dude with great long hair most definitely isn't born with it. He's WORKED for it, and it shows. Respect.

5 - Your Gateway To Magical Powers...?

As big fans of science around these parts, we're not going to delve deeply into unprovable theories of body energy and quantum vibrations and soforth. But the fact is, widespread cultures throughout history have continually associated long hair with increased magic, spirituality, and extra points in your luck\intuition stats. There's even a chance this could be explained biologically. For many animals, their hair truly does act like an additional sense organ, and it's entirely plausible some of the genetics for that could still be in us.

Plus, even if long hair doesn't actually affect your perceptions, it's still loads of fun shutting down people who ask why you don't cut your hair with: "I'm sorry, I can't. It's the source of my powers." Then wave your hand in a sigil pattern, smile faintly, and walk off before they can respond.

(As Terry Pratchett noted, most magic is just applied psychology.)

Whether you keep it short, or you're a glorious rebel embracing lengthy hair, Duffy's Brew has everything you need to keep your hair looking and smelling terrific. Try a bottle today!

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