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The Top 6 Best Low-Maintenance Haircuts For Men

Men's hair can like blogging: Some days, you just can't be bothered to put in much effort.

If you look around at websites talking about what hairstyles are coming back in 2016, there are real horrors to behold. The 90s are back. The pompadour is back. People are actually trying to look like Vanilla Ice for crissake. (We didn't even do that in the actual 90s!) High-brow, high-volume, high-maintenance hair is apparently what's going to be hot among those who try too hard at everything.

Well, screw that.

Fall should be a relaxed, laid-back time. Why bother with hair that will make you look like a malshaped sloth died on your head, if you don't spend an hour teasing it into place? Let's leave that to teenage girls in retro 80s shows.

So, we've picked a few styles that require minimal maintenance and -best of all- mean you get to sleep in a little later.

Duffy's Brew Selects: The Best Lazy Hair Styles

1 - The Classic Taper

Short or shaved on the sides, with medium-short length, and a strong part, the taper has been an established part of men's hair for decades and will never go away. It's a bit conservative, sure, but that's hardly a bad thing if you're an up-and-comer looking for a distinctive but non-distracting hairstyle for work. Plus, all it takes is a minute's combing and maybe a slight touch of product.

2 - The Caesar

You don't get much simpler than the Caesar. The hair is uniformly cut across the entire head, generally to one inch or less. There's little or no tapering, no distinction between top and sides, and if it's short enough, just running your hands through it a couple times serves as combing. In some cases, a tussled Caesar can look deliberate, rather than like bedhead.

Also, you do get a bit of leeway when it comes to bangs, so you can add a little fringe to your forehead if you like.

3 - The Butch Cut

Like a longer version of the buzzcut, a Butch can be accomplished at home with nothing but an electric shaver with a medium-length clipper. It borders on extremely short, but is still long enough to avoid looking like you're a Trump supporter. It also pairs nicely with a similarly-short cropped beard, for a low-maintenance look that still makes a bit of a statement.

4 - The Crew Cut

Cut short, but with the longest hair on top\front and fading towards the back and sides, the crew cut is a perennial favorite which will likely never go entirely out of style. It's clean, it's respectable, and it can still be seen even on Hollywood stars who (like any reasonable man) realize it's just not worth spending that much time on their hair when they're off the clock.

5 - Straight Shag

Do you have what it takes to pull off this classic 70s hairdo? One of the hallmarks of the shag is that it's supposed to look rough and unkempt, with hair over the ears and somewhat irregular lengths throughout. Plus, there's loads you can do in terms of bangs, so it's good for framing babyfaces.

6 - The Topknot\Ponytail

Arguably the greatest statement in "I can't be bothered" men's hair, you go for a topknot or ponytail when you don't even want to deal with getting your hair cut. Even better, these timeless looks for long hair have equally long histories behind them, and have been highly revered in many cultures.

And of course, whatever your style - add some Duffy's Brew to make your hair look and smell amazing!

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