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Don't Let The Summertime Heat Drag Your Hair Down

The global forecasts are in, and they don't paint a pretty picture: No matter where you are, 2016 is probably going to be one of the hottest years on record. We're already seeing record-breaking heat in many areas of the globe, and it's almost certainly going to be a looooong hot summer.

Now, one could easily sit back and blame idiot politicians for still refusing to recognize that global climate change is a thing, but why bother with politics when there are more important matters to contend with? In all this heat, your hair is on the line!

So let's talk ways to keep the summertime blues from getting your hair down, and worry about the possibility of the world turning into Soylent Green another day.

Keeping Your Hair Cool No Matter How Hot It Gets

1 - Keep your natural color.

Most chemical hair dyes - especially bleaching - can be super-harsh on your hair, even in the best of times. When temperatures are topping 100 degrees, it's a recipe for hair disaster. The dyes strip out most of the protective coatings on your hair, while the sun then mercilessly dries it out. We're talking split ends, thin hair, scalp itching, and more.

2 - Condition more often.

One of the best things you can do for your hair in times of high heat is to keep it well-conditioned. Moisturizing conditioner can do a lot to restore the body and protective coatings which are lost in the summer, especially if it's a conditioner which is made out of the stuff your hair craves.

3 - Forego the blow-dryer.

When the problem is too much heat, don't add more heat! Avoid hair care products that require high amounts of heat to work. It's easily worth taking a little longer to dry your hair, rather than walking out of the house in the morning with hair that's already dehydrated and getting crispy.

4 - Get a trim.

Summertime is a great time to cut your hair short for a lot of reasons, but if you don't want to seriously alter your look, at least make sure to go in for a trim. Cutting an inch or so off your hair will remove any split ends and other problems, making your hair look better as well as slowing down the damage done by the summer sun.

5 - Be smart when swimming.

We won't tell you to wear one of those hideous swimming caps, however, you should still look to protect your hair if you're going for a swim. Don't shampoo immediately before swimming, since it leaves your hair vulnerable. More oil is good when getting into a chlorine pool. Likewise, another good trick is to soak your hair in pure water before swimming, since that will help stop it from soaking up chemicals once you're in the water.

6 - Use coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a great product in a lot of ways, and it's super-effective for protecting hair in the summer. It is a natural UV blocker, as well as having most of the oils and proteins your hair utilizes for protection. Just use it like conditioner, soaking for a couple minutes then rinsing out.

7 - Beer!

As we like to mention (for obvious reasons) beer is amazingly super-good for your hair. A beer-based shampoo is chock full of oils and proteins your hair needs, as well as having anti-bacterial properties. If ordinary chemical-laden shampoos are making the summer heat worse, a dose of Duffy's Brew can make the difference by counteracting damage done by the sun.

Try a bottle and see for yourself!

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