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Strange Thanksgiving Beers That Will Certainly Make Your Table Distinct

Thanksgiving is a time for companionship, love, family, good food, and - very often - getting totally sloshed before collapsing on the couch to watch football in an alcohol-and-tryptophan stupor.

God bless America.

Sure, you could just break out the Coors or the PBRs or whatever (just as long as it's not America The Beer) but why not be a little more creative? There are loads of interesting -or just downright strange- holiday brews you could use to spice up your table, start conversations... or just piss off that racist great-uncle who's going to be absolutely goddamn insufferable about the election results.

Five Beers You Might Want To Drink On Thanksgiving, Then Never Touch Again

Flat 12 Bierworks - Grandpa's Glazed Ham Porter

Does it actually include glazed ham? Probably not. Is everyone going to think it does? Absolutely, and you should play that up. Combining the weirdness of horrible meat-based beers with the revelation that it does not, in fact, include meat creates a beer they'll be thankful for, just not for the usual reasons. And it's pretty good if rum is your thing, thanks to the rum-barrel aging.

Port Brewing - Santa's Little Helper Imperial Stout

What, exactly, is Port Brewing helping Santa with? Getting completely smashed. This super-dark stout has a 10-12% alcohol content, and hits like a reindeer wrapped around a large gold brick. And despite the Christmassy name, it's only available in October and November, so it's a good addition to your Thanksgiving table - if you want to ensure the yearly Monopoly game is particularly chaotic.

Jolly Pumpkin - Bam Biere

Jolly Pumpkin says this is a beer that's specially blended with plenty of herbs to go well with stuffing and other herby Thanksgiving goodies. We say, take a look at just how often the word funk\funky appears in its BeerAdvocate tasting notes. One even uses the words "horse blanket." This would be a great one to pour out for your angry grunkle when he's too busy ranting about "those people" to notice what he's drinking.

Anchor - Our Special Ale

We won't joke too much about this one - Anchor's seasonal "Our Special Ale" (sometimes called their Christmas Ale) are usually pretty yummy, if you like the idea of a beer that's doubling as dessert. And many don't. None the less, if you crave a beer where descriptions like "fruitcake" and "caramel" are used, Anchor will go down smooth.

But for the ultimate in holiday dessert beers, the winner has to be...

Stone Brewing - Stone Xocoveza

This is a beer inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, and it really blurs the line between the two. Ingredients include cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. It's probably one of the sweetest beers you'll ever taste, and definitely not something you'd want to drink any other time of year. But, one or two for the holidays go down really well, at least for anyone who doesn't require their beer be impossible bitter.

Of course, more holidays than Thanksgiving are coming up, and it's never too early to start shopping for presents! Duffy's Brew is the perfect shampoo\conditioner combo for men who love great hair and great beer! It's full of stuff that hair craves, while making it smell absolutely fantastic.

So go ahead and order a two-pack or two on Black Friday. The prices won't be any lower, but it's the thought that counts, right?

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