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A Quick Guide To Mustache Wax

Why in the world should I wax my mustache?

We admit, a lot of people might think that mustache wax is terribly old-fashioned... but that's part of the fun! Besides, even if you don't go full-on handlebars or opt for some Dali-inspired insanity, mustache wax is a great way to style your mustache and keep it from interfering with vital activities. You know, like eating.

Luckily, this is also a pretty simple subject, so we won't take up too much of your time. Ready? Let's get waxing!

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mustache Wax (But Couldn't Be Bothered To Google)

How do I apply mustache wax?

First-timers can have a bit of trouble with mustache wax since it's not a cream and is generally quite solid in its packaging. There are a couple different approaches here.

1 - Heat up the tin a bit, such as pointing your blow-dryer at it for a couple minutes or submerging it in warm water. This softens the wax inside and makes it easier to work with.


2 - Scrape a bit of wax onto your index fingernail, then transfer it to your thumb and roll it back and forth between your fingers a few times. This softens it and warms it up.

Once the wax is softened, apply it to your mustache from the center outwards, rubbing your fingers as you pull it across the hairs. After it's applied, running a fine-toothed comb through your mustache a few times will help spread it even more evenly, to the ends of the hairs.

If you're going for a handlebar or similar look, the trick is to twist the hairs as you pull them upwards.

What are the benefits of mustache wax?

Besides lookin' good and giving yourself a unique look? Wax - such as Duffy's own Citra Hop Mustache Wax - is actually quite good for your mustache. The wax locks in moisture, and also helps prevent split ends - which can be unsightly AND painful. If the wax contains additives, such as natural herbs, vitamins, and essential oils, those only add to the overall health benefits.

It's especially good to wax your 'stache during hot summers and cold winters, since those are the times that weather is going to do the most damage to your facial hair.

Is mustache wax just about wacky styling?

Nope! While we heartily encourage folks to get their handlebars on, you need quite a bit of mustache wax for extreme styles. If you only use a little bit of wax, then comb it in, the result actually looks quite natural. Most people wouldn't even know you were waxing... but they're likely to notice how full and shapely your mustache has become!

If you want the natural look, try blow-drying your mustache after you apply the wax. This gives it more of a matte-like finish. Don't blow-dry handlebar styles, though, or you'll only make your mustache wilt.

How do I remove mustache wax?

First off, keep in mind you don't have to de-wax your 'stache every day. However, when you do want to get the wax out, it can be a little tricky since wax is water-resistant. Just about any oil will be much more effective at breaking up the wax.

Just rub a few drops of oil on your fingers, rub them back and forth until the wax comes free, then comb out your mustache. If you're concerned about this drying out your mustache, give it a bit of conditioner afterward.

How do I get started?!?!

Just pick up a tin of Duffy's Brew Citra Hops Mustache Wax! :-)

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