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The Top Five Reasons Beer Is Awesome For Your Hair

But why BEER?

It's a question we often get here at Duffy's Brew. Now, our firm conviction is that "Why not beer?" is a fine response regardless of context. But it seems there are quite a few folks out there who don't know that beer is really really ridiculously good for hair. It's been used in hair-care going back to at least the ancient Egyptians, and has multiple benefits for your hair and scalp.

Now, this doesn't mean that simply pouring a bottle over your head - or an epic keg stand fail - is all your hair needs. However, when used alongside a more traditional shampoo, or (better yet!) using one blended directly into shampoo the result is a one-two punch that keeps your hair soft, healthy, and looking amazing.

Five Reasons Why Your Hair Craves Beer

5 - Proteins restore your hair.

You might not think it to look at them, but beer and your hair are largely made up of the same stuff! Beer has many of the same vitamins and proteins that hair needs for natural growth. It's like a vitamin supplement for your scalp, allowing your hair to soak in almost everything it needs for lush growth, and helping to repair it in the process.

4 - It creates a beautiful thickening coat.

Since beer is slightly sticky, it usually doesn't wash out of your hair entirely - and that's a good thing! Even when all the obvious beer is washed out, it leaves a thin coat of proteins on each strand of hair, thickening them and leaving them with a shiny coat.

This means it continues to bring health benefits to your hair, while making it look better, and providing extra protection against the elements. Trifecta FTW.

3 - Microbes have nowhere to hide.

What's the second most-popular use for alcohol? Sterilizing things! Both the alcohol and the yeasts in beer are anti-microbial, and can do far more than soap alone to keep any microbial colonies from setting up shop on your head.

This doesn't just bring long-term hair health benefits, it also means that beer-based shampoo is automatically an anti-dandruff shampoo! Since most forms of dandruff are caused by microbial infestations on the scalp, beer knocks them right out.

2 - Beer tightens and strengthens the scalp

While you can rarely taste it, beer contains quite a bit of sugar... and that also helps your scalp health. The sugars in beer, like sucrose, are naturally astringent. That is, they cause the skin to contract and become more firm.

This helps in two ways. First, when you wash your hair with beer, it helps "lock in" moisture on your scalp (which also helps with dandruff) by making the pores smaller. At the same time, it tightens your hair follicles, which adds more thickening power and can make wavy hair a bit more wavy.

1 - Dat amazing scent.

Yeah, cheap beer doesn't smell that great, but the good stuff certainly does! That's why Duffy's Brew uses a fantastic Citra-hops craft brew along with our special blend of oils, spices, and berries to create one of the most distinctive shampoo scents you'll find anywhere. It's complex, appealing, just a bit masculine, and likely to inspire folks to come just a bit closer to smell for themselves!

There are a lot of "alternative shampoos" out there, many of them laden with various chemicals and additives you wouldn't want on your head. But Duffy's Brew is based on one of humanity's oldest and proudest hair-care discoveries.

Try a bottle today to see (and smell) for yourself just how amazing Duffy's Brew is!

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