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Spring Is Here - And It's A Great Time To Grow A Beard!

If you've been thinking about growing a beard but never quite sure if the time is right, Duffy's Brew is here to assure you that now is the perfect time to grow a beard!

Sure, there's really no wrong time to grow a beard, but Spring is definitely one of the best times to do it. By starting now, you'll be ready to spend the rest of the year showing off your awesome follicular creation.

Five Reasons Spring Is A Great Time For Beard Cultivation

1 - Celebrate the spirit of the season.

After all, spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. What better way to celebrate the spirit of the season by giving your face a rebirth while trying out a new look? Just as the trees are coming into bloom and the flowers are beginning to pop up from the soil. so too can your magnificent chin curtain begin to sprout and take root.

2 - Practice for the summer.

You can really tell the proverbial men from the boys by who's keeping their beard all year 'round. It's no secret that beards can get a bit uncomfortable during the summer, what with the extra heat and sweat and everything that comes with them.

If this is going to be your first beard, starting before the summer heat hits gives you time to become accustomed to the feel of it, the occasional itchiness, and the proper use of grooming products. Then you'll be ready to face the Summer in style!

3 - Grow out before trimming back.

It is considered an acceptable compromise to chop an inch or two off one's beard in the summer, especially if it's long or covers the entire face. (If you're doing a soul patch or anchor, there's no excuse.) Plus, trimming down a long beard is a great way to prep it for a change in style, or to experiment with different looks before settling on one.

However, you need at least three months' growth or so before this becomes an option. So starting early has you prepared for a great summer beard.

4 - You've got all year to grow.

Beards aren't exactly the fastest-growing things in the world. While individual chins may vary, most guys only grow around 1/2 to 3/4 inches of beard per month. For some folks, it takes a month or more just to get past the "stubble" phase.

Starting early in the year means you've got plenty of time to grow it out to the length you want, and start thinking about how you want to groom it.

5 - Get a head start (heh) on your Novembeard.

November has become THE month to show off beard, for really no good reason beyond internet memes and general pre-Christmas boredom. However, it's still THE month to show off your beard, none the less.

Sure, some purists claim that a "proper" Novembeard begins with a clean shaving on Halloween (and how scary is that?) but it's not like too many people actually adhere to that rule. If you want a serious Fu Manchu or ZZ Top going in time for November, ya gotta start early. Think of it as an investment in your chin's future.

Come On, Ya Know You Wanna...

Beards are becoming more common every day, and that's a bandwagon we at Duffy's Brew think everyone should jump on. After all, with so many different styles and options for wearing a beard, it's one of the few trends where you can be an individual like everyone else.

(Just don't forget to pick up some great beard-care products before you start.)

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