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Six More Amazing Uses For Beer-Based Conditioner

Hair conditioner is actually pretty amazing stuff, and we're not just talking about Duffy's here. Its mixture of oils, proteins, and lubricants are really great for making shiny hair, but they have a surprising number of alternative uses as well!

Plus, everyone knows how great Duffy's Brew smells. This can be your opportunity to bring that fantastic Duffy's scent to even more things in your life!

Six Great Alternative Uses For Duffy's Brew Conditioner

1 - Fabric Softener

Believe it or not, fabric softener really is just a variation on the same formulas used in hair conditioner, and conditioner can easily be substituted. (Although we wouldn't recommend rubbing Bounce on your head.)

You can pour some straight into the washing machine or, if you prefer the sheets, just dampen a washcloth with some Duffy's conditioner and toss it in the dryer. Your clothes will come out super-soft, and smelling ever-so-faintly of beer and spices.

2 - Smoothing And Detangling Hair

Just a drop or two of conditioner is great for smoothing down your hair. It can fight cowlicks, as well as defrizzing puffy bits. Plus, conditioner can also be used to take care of tangles. Just rub some into the tangled spot, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then wash the conditioner out. It should have loosened up the tangle and made it easy to comb out.

3 - Unshrink Shrunk Clothes

This one doesn't always work, but if a piece of clothing has suffered from over-enthusiastic drying and now won't fit, you can't make things any worse. Fill a bucket or pitcher with warm (not hot) water, then squirt in a good amount of conditioner and stir it up. Soak the item of clothing in this for 15-20 minutes, then gently wring it out so it's only damp.

At this point, it should be much softer and more pliable than before. Carefully stretch it where it needs stretching and, hopefully, you'll be able to regain some of its previous size. If it worked, give the piece a rinse in room-temp water... and dry it on cold this time.

4 - Drycleaning Alternative

If you have silk ties/handkerchiefs or other delicate fabrics in need of a quick wash, that same basic water-and-conditioner mix works great for cleaning them. Soak the pieces in the mixture for a few minutes, then gently rinse them out, and hang them to dry. That's it!

5 - Shaving Cream

Conditioner is arguably a better shaving cream than actual shaving cream! It's much thinner, as well as providing better lubrication, so your shave can be skin-close. However, it's still adhesive enough to capture the stubble and keep it from sticking to your skin. And on top of that, the moisturizing properties of conditioner prevent irritation and basically eliminates the need for aftershave or other skin care once you're done.

(And, of course, for the bearded gentlemen, a shaping shave with Duffy's conditioner followed by a few drops of Citra Hops Beard Oil will leave you with the best-smelling chin for miles.)

6 - Anti-Rust Tool Protection

Beer and home maintenance often go together, and not always with good results. However, here's a way to make that combination work for you! The protective coating that conditioner leaves works just as well on metals as well as hair. Giving your tools a good rubdown with some Duffy's Brew Conditioner will protect them from rust, while leaving them smelling fresh and beery.

This also works on pipes, faucets, chrome fixtures, and pretty much any other oxidizing metal lying around.

So, there we have it. Even more reasons to try a bottle of Duffy's Brew today!

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