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Shampoo + Beer Isn't Even The Weirdest Thing People Have Done With Beer

So, when we tell people about Duffy's Brew - the best beer-based shampoo on the market, at least as far as we're concerned - people are often surprised at the idea of using beer in shampoo. For that matter, many are flabbergasted at the very idea of external uses for beer.

But, seriously folks, putting shampoo into beer (or vice-versa, if you prefer) isn't even that strange. After all, major stars, models, and celebrity hairstylists all speak to the benefits of beer as a haircareproduct.

When you look at some of the things people put into beer and then drink, using it with shampoo or conditioner seems downright reasonable!

The Five Strangest Ingredients Anyone's Added To Beer

1 - Bladderwack Seaweed

Yes, seaweed. Kelpie Seaweed Ale is apparently based on a very old Scottish recipe, kept around because what else is there to do? A quick perusal of the notes confirms that words like "salty" and "brine" do appear... yet it has decent reviews anyway.

(But those are probably the same folks who try to claim -with a straight face- that The Room is a great piece of arthouse cinema.)

2 - Frankincense and Myrrh

Okie-doke. These are perfectly acceptable as gifts for theprophecied king of kings. But as beer additives? We're not so sure about that, considering that they were valued for their smell rather than their taste. None the less, the Gift Of The Magi beer is A Thing, and apparently it only uses hints of them to give the beer a distinctive aroma.

And what is Myrrh, anyway?

3 - Bacon

Oh, it's not like you're actually surprised. The Bacon Brown Ale is pretty much exactly what you would expect from the label - a brown with slight hints of meatiness and\or saltiness. Why anyone would think this a worthwhile use for beer OR bacon is beyond me.

I blame Reddit.

4 - Our Melting Ice Caps

Well, the ice caps are melting at a rate of about 5% a year, and that can only mean one thing - drink 'em before they're gone! You can help do your part to contribute to global warming by knocking back an ice-ice- ice cold Ice Cap Beer, melted straight from our depleting arctic glaciers.

It also makes for a killer pairing with orangutan steak, panda vindaloo, or Soylent Green.

5 - Beard

In what seems like a terrifying black hole of hipsterism, one brewery has merrily done backflips over the shark and introduced a beer utilizing yeast harvested from the brewer's own beard. Beard Beer is exactly what it claims to be. Yeast may be yeast, but yeesh.

And their tasting notes simply say "We think you'll be surprised." No kidding!

Still, this could be a great gift in your life for a man with a love of flannel and facial grooming that goes above and beyond. Way, way above and beyond. This is beer as lifestyle accompaniment, and actually drinking it proves one's truly undying devotion to beards.

So, About That Beer Shampoo...

I believe this little survey of the dark corners of micro-brewing has certainly demonstrated that shampoo (or conditioner) is FAR from the worst thing that's ever been done to beer. In fact, some might say it's among the best. Beer is ridiculously good for your hair, and the special Duffy's Brew blend of spices and seasonings creates hair that turns heads.

Beer may be among the greatest inventions of mankind, but it doesn't go with everything. Duffy's Brew advises you to pair your beers responsibly.

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