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Now at Bolt Barbers

Why are we excited about Bolt?

Bolt Barbers is NOT a salon. They are an authentic old school barbershop staffed only with barbers. Their tribe are masters of tapered haircuts (A Tape UP if you are a New Yawker), fades, high & tight miltary haircuts, mohawks, recon haircuts, college contour cuts with or without a “22″ (shaved part) or whatever haircut or shave you can think up.

Bolt Barbers was voted Best Barbershop in DTLA by The Downtown News in 2011 & again in 2012 by its readers.

Bolt Barbers is the place for social beasts, creating community one dude at a time. That’s because they are a third place for guys to hang after the highly defined roles played at home and work/school.

If you are in the LA area, come down to Bolt and pick up some Duffy's Brew.

....and tell Mohawk Matt we sent you.

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