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Highlighting Our Brothers In Beards: Ben Boulware

Unless you're a fan of Clemson or an avid college football enthusiast, you probably haven't heard of Ben Boulware. At least not yet. This Clemson Junior is a starting Tigers Linebacker this season, and already starting to turn heads for his aggressive style, his ease on camera, his pride in his game... and for his spectacular red beard.

So today, we highlight this up-and-coming college star who's got plenty of potential to go far further.

Ben Boulware: Fear The Beard

Ben Boulware has been making a name for himself since High School. He was a standout on the Anderson, SC, Yellowjackets and was recruited directly to Clemson by coaches Chad Morris and Brent Venables. Boulware also got mention from ESPN as the #1 HS player in South Carolina, and is currently ranked as a top 100 college player on a number of lists.

Boulware has been described as a defensive centerpiece and as a true competitor, with a flat-out aggressive style. Last year, as their top backup LB, he racked up 58 tackles in 13 games -including two starts- plus a spectacular 47-yard touchdown run off a fumble recovery.

And as a full starter this season, plenty of eyes are going to be on Ben Boulware -- undoubtedly including pro scouts. Luckily, he's easy to spot thanks to his increasingly iconic bushy beard.

In fact, beards have become a popular icon at Clemson, with their front line forming the Beard Gang, complete with their own #BeardGang T-shirts. (Modeled here by lineman Kalon Davis.) Boulware's rapid rise to fame and popularity has placed him as the new CEO of their Beard Gang. This is one furry face that QBs do not want to see flying towards them.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to Ben Boulware's bearded greatness...

(cue sad strings)

He doesn't actually like his beard.

The Ben Boulware Beard Oil Challenge

Yes, it's true. The man possessing one of the best beards in modern college football is only growing the beard to win a bet. We were especially sorry to see that in a recent Tigernet story, he said it was "disgusting" and that it makes him "look homeless."

Well, WE say: Get this man some beard oil, and fast!

So, Ben Boulware... We'd like to offer you a free set of Duffy's Brew hair-care products, including our awesome new Citra Hop Beard Oil and Citra Hop Mustache Wax, just in hopes that you'll keep rockin' that awesome beard past the end of the season... ...and maybe even into your pro career?

We'd like to see it happen!

In fact, since so many other teams are learning to Fear The Beard, we'll go ahead and extend this offer to any member of the 2015 Clemson Tigers #BeardGang lineup. Just drop us a line or Tweet @DuffysBrew and we'll hook you up with some of the best men's hair products on Earth.

Duffy's Brew creates hair that turn heads. We use genuine craft beer and awesome Citra Hops to create products that smell fantastic, while leaving your hair soft and protecting your skin from irritation. (We remember how those chin guards can chafe.)

And in the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on Ben Boulware -and the rest of the Clemson Tigers Beard Gang- in the season to come. May your mighty chin whiskers ever bring fear to the hearts of your foes!

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