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Five Tips For Crafting A Great Mustache

Mustaches are coming back in a big way, and there's no better time to start growing one out! They're becoming more popular both in and out of the workplace, and are socially-acceptable again in a way not seen since the 1970s, at least.

No one but you -and possibly your S.O. and\or stylist- can tell you which mustache is right for you. Plus, since they grow relatively quickly, you can experiment! But, since your friends here at Duffy's Brew are all about encouraging great (and great-smelling) facial hair, we thought we'd pass along a few pointers on successfully growing a great mustache.

Five Ways To Get That Perfect Mustache You Know You Want

1 - Be realistic about your facial hair type.

The growth patterns of someone's facial hair are always going to be totally idiosyncratic, and there's really nothing you can do to change them. Your hair will grow as it wants to grow, and you just have to work with it. This includes aspects like thickness, density, cheek coverage, and maximum length.

If you have thin, long-growing hair -for example- trying to grow an excessively thick, dense mustache like the Chevron (think Tom Selleck or Daniel Craig) will be an exercise in frustration.

2 - Consider starting with a full beard.

If it's your first time on the facial hair bandwagon (and welcome aboard!) it's usually best to give yourself as many options as possible. So even if your goal is to have a mustache, we'd suggest growing out your entire beard first for a month or two.

This does a couple things. First, it lets you clearly see your own facial hair patterns and get a feel for what will or won't be possible. Secondly, it's far easier to sculpt a mustache when you have more material to work with. You can trim down far more quickly than you can grow more hair out.

3 - Balance out your lips.

One aspect of mustache-growing that's overlooked is the impact it will have on your lips. Basically, thick or heavy mustaches make lips seem thinner, while a thin 'stache makes lips seem larger and fuller. You can use this to your advantage, pairing thick+thick or thin+thin in moderation for an overall balanced look.

Just don't take it too far unless you're feeling especially daring. John Waters, for example, might be known for his ultra-thin mustache and ultra-thin lips, but really, he just ends up looking kinda creepy. (Then again, this is the guy who made Pink Flamingos.)

4 - Know when to apply pomade.

Pomade - AKA mustache wax, which we just happen to sell - is a vital component in a lot of mustache types, and not just obvious ones like Fu Manchu or Handlebar. Whenever a mustache needs more than an inch or so of hair, and needs to be in a very particular shape, you probably need some pomade to hold it in place.

Also, when used in small amounts, it can add thickness to thinner mustaches, but without having that slightly-oily sheen that goes along with a heavily-waxed 'stache. (But for more on this topic, see our Quick Guide To Mustache Wax.)

5 - If all else fails, go 'patchwork'.

At the moment, mustaches and beards that don't look excessively groomed, or even downright scruffy, are popular among Hollywood stars including Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves. So if you mess up trimming, you can generally get away with it if you just trim the other side to more or less match, and then pretend you meant to do that.

(Then re-style it at your first available opportunity, because you're "finding yourself.")

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