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Duffy's Brew Presents: The Top Ten Top Ten Craft Beers Lists List!

Looking for the top ten best new craft beers to try? There's plenty of advice online, and most of it's contradictory. Have any of these so-called "Top Ten Craft Beers" lists EVER managed to agree on what the best ones are? No, of course not.

So where does that leave you, oh lovers of craft beer and great-smelling hair? Up the fishing creek without a six-pack, that's where!

Being the helpful, civic-minded folks that we are here at Duffy's Brew, we'd like to take a little time helping you sort through this tangled mess. Our expert technorati have carefully sifted through the information available to present to you, our dear readers, the definitive guide to the definitive guides to the best brews!

The Top Ten "Top Ten Craft Beers" Lists On The Internet (Give or take)

Business Insider: Best Brews and Breweries In America 2015

Straight, to the point, and with a nice clean finish, this Business Insider piece quickly gives up the goods, with surprisingly little fluff or head. There's a full body as well, with not one but two top-ten lists included. That's showing a real commitment to the craft. The video chaser provides a fine accompaniment.

The Telegraph: Craft beer: the top ten beers to try

Warm and watery, the Telegraph's piece opens weakly with whinging over "what is craft?" Once it settles down a bit, a broader emotional spectrum is revealed, with hints of nationalism, chocolate, and regret. It pours smoothly down our smartphone, without needless advertising clutter past the initial sip.

Forbes: The 13 Best Craft Beers in America

The overachievers at Forbes seek to overwhelm the senses, defying the traditional Top Ten List format and throwing caution to the wind. A hyphen-filled first whiff gives way to a surprisingly varied profile, with plenty of legs to keep you going. Plus, hats off for their recognition of the greatness of Citra Hops.

CraftBeer: 5 of the Biggest Beer Releases of 2015

Sometimes less is more, as artfully reminds us with an article with plenty of staying power. Hints of underarm deodorant, sticky red carpet, and smug self-satisfaction emerge from their stout and mature glimpse into the future of indie brewing.


This Thrillist offering brims with excitement from its echo-begging all-caps head, but seems overeager in its presentation. Multiple moving bars ask a perusing connoisseurs to click, even as they struggle to maintain focus on the beers at hand. Yet this list still has some surprises in store, like regarding Budweiser+whiskey asbeer. How edgy.

Huffington Post: 17 Of The Most Sought-After Craft Beers In America, And How To Find Them

True to form, the HuffPost goes for quantity over quality, yet this somewhat warmed-over list still brings a unique presentation to the table. There will be few surprises as you pour over their offering, but the inclusion of how to find them means you might find yourself coming back to this list, again and again.

FoxNews: 10 summer craft beers to beat the heat

Smooth and simple, the FoxNews list delivers exactly what it promises, and knows its audience well. Their compilation is heavy on sweet notes, gritty sediment, and bikinis.

The Drinks Business: TOP 10 NEW CRAFT BEERS

This is a list to savor. You have to, since it's broken up into ten separate pages. Sipping slowly through this slowly-loading collection and the aromatic advertising shrouding it is a minuet of emotion: Highs, lows, and even a shoutout to Queen. This list slowly unfolds, doling out its treasures slowly.

Time: 10 Craft Beers to Kick Off Your Summer

This is the thinking person's summertime craft brew list, going on a breezy tour of the country from Texas to Montana to Hawaii. The wind ruffled my hair as I smelt sea salt, honey, and grizzly bears. The well-framed presentation glides down nearly of its own accord, its focus set on great brews to be found.

MSN: America's 10 Best-Selling New Craft Beers

Primal, funky, and overpowered... you've been waylaid by MSN's handcrafted slideshow, halfway into stories of celebutant disasters before you even realized the body was actually at the top. Once properly focused, a stronger presentation emerges, revealing the bearded faces of American craft beer. Is best-selling truly best? This playful piece asks, but does not answer.

Phew! As you can see, there truly is a world of top ten craft beer lists! But whether it's quality hair care or quality content curation, Duffy's Brew is here to deliver only the best. Why? Because you deserve it. (Nah, really. Go on... treat yourself! You've earned it.)

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