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Crafting A Well-Oiled Manscape: Beard Oil And You

If you're relatively new to beards or contemplating growing your first (take your time; it's a big decision) you might not know of one of the little secrets that distinguishes a truly great beard from all the rest:

Beard oil.

Preferably Duffy's Brew Citra Hops Beard Oil, but any will do.

No matter which brand you use, beard oil is what hides those loose hairs and split ends. Beard oil is what gives awesome beards that awesome smooth shine. Beard oil is what makes the difference between "hunk" and "hobo" once your beard is past your neck.

Now, beard oil is pretty easy to use, but if you've never used it before, your (recently acquired) good friends at Duffy's Brew are here to help!

Oil's Well: Using Beard Oil For A Perfect Shine

The most common question from beard oil beginners is "How much oil should I use?" Obviously, this will change depending on your personal chin growth patterns. However as a general rule of thumb, use three drops a day for the first month, and then add one more drop for each month of growth afterward.

But once you're in ZZ Top territory, you're on your own.

The best time to apply beard oil is immediately after a warm or hot shower, because that opens up your pores and makes it easier for the oil to work its way into your skin and follicles. Just be sure to get any soap out of your beard before you start oiling.

After that, it's an easy process:

1 - Drip the appropriate number of drops (see above) into the palm of one hand.

2 - Rub your hands together to spread the oil onto the fingers of both hands.

3 - Work the oil into your skin with circular massaging motions, starting from your cheekbones and moving down.

4 - Once you're past your chin, stroke your beard downwards while gently rubbing the hairs between your thumb and forefingers. (Like the classic "money-money-money" hand motion.)

5 - If you have enough growth that a comb is useful, finish off by running a comb through your beard to smooth it out and ensure an even coating.

If you have any leftover oil still on your fingers, you can put it on your mustache if you're not waxing it. Wax and oil don't mix. Otherwise, rub it pretty much anywhere you like. It's moisturizing!

Have You Oiled Your Beard Today?

That's really all there is to it. Oiling your beard only takes a minute or two and can be easily worked into your morning routine. A well-oiled beard looks great and is protected from the elements, while the skin underneath stays moisturized and flake-free. If you're using Duffy's Brew Citra Hops Beard Oil, it'll smell great too!

So, nevermind anything you might have heard to the contrary, Citra Hops Beard Oil (or any other more commonplace variety) is great for your beard, helping it remain healthy while looking fantastic and smelling even better.

A well-oiled manscape is a happy manscape. when you're using Duffy's Brew. Try some today!

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